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Tall, Dark And Western

Author: Kay LeGrand
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Susan DiPlacido

545When Bethany Griffith set out to find the cameo that her father stole from her mother, the last thing she bargained for was getting abducted and robbed in a deserted town in Wyoming. But that's exactly what happened. And that's exactly what put her in contact, plenty of contact, with local Sheriff Nathan Ballard.

After a week of being held captive by a man who tells her he's a local deputy, Bethany escapes to the nearest Sheriff's department and finds herself in the care of Nathan. After tending to her wounds and hearing her incredible story, Nathan takes Bethany over to his sister's house to help care for her.

Nathan shortly recovers Bethany's stolen van, but not her credit cards or cash. And to make matters more difficult, the man he apprehends is not the man who actually kidnapped Bethany. And to make matters more strange, the man who kidnapped Bethany is actually dead.

Kay LeGrand has fashioned an exciting read with Tall, Dark And Western by fusing the romantic and the mysterious and suspenseful. Even before Bethany and Nathan begin the tango of love, she's got us thrust into a page-turner. LeGrand knows how to build suspense, and she does so wonderfully, not just in the ghost-town, kidnapping plot, but also in the budding romantic liaison.

Bethany is a handful as a main character. She's the quintessential mouthy, spoiled brat. She pushes the boundaries of Nathan's patience, and at times mine as a reader, because I couldn't figure out what she was being so haughty and nasty for. However, the plot and tension kept me moving forward. And LeGrand has a wonderful way with words, tossing off lovely turns of phrase and building atmosphere, pulling the reader into this dusty world and wrapping them up in the mystery and romance of the setting and characters. The story hums along at a nice pace, and as the plot unfolds, the characters blossom. All in all, Tall, Dark And Western is an absorbing, pulse-quickening page turner with plenty of heat between the leads.


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